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Absence Management

Any absence (planned, not planned, incidental, or extended) carries with it the potential for higher labor costs, high risk exposure and negative efficiency and productivity potential.

Employee absenteeism (the employee is scheduled to work but does not report or is placed on an unplanned leave), if left unmanaged, will have major consequences on your organization. Hatrak Associates has been the leader in absenteeism management and control since 1983. The Hatrak Scheduling Software includes advanced and fully integrated absenteeism management modules integrated to the Labor Analytics modules.

The Labor Analytics modules predict future labor costs, that are based on employee attendance/absence behavior and allows management the opportunity to proactively manage projected labor cost overruns. Hatrak absenteeism management is quick and easy.

Costs: Some studies of employee absenteeism claim that, on the average, makes up of 25-35 percent of payroll costs. Included are the costs of paying absent employees and indirect costs, such as lost productivity and hiring replacement workers.

Risks: Without workforce attendance systems to manage employee absence, organizations risk failing to comply with collective bargaining agreements and government regulations such as the Family Medical Leave Act and state leave laws.

Productivity: Absence is the slayer of productivity. On average, incidental, and unplanned absences result in 21 percent net productivity loses per day.

To control the impact of absenteeism, you need to see trends so you can control costs. You need to manage your policies so you can minimize compliance risk. And you need to identify workers with attendance issues so you can improve workforce productivity.


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